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What is your least favorite month? February, right? Mine too. I’m going to do something about that this year and maybe you can join me in making it a great month.

What I’d like to do for the month of February is collaborate with 28 individuals to make some fun and creative portraits. Client work is great -  it pays the bills and offers opportunities to be creative, but nothing compares to the creativity that comes from an individual portrait session that is done “just because”.

I’m looking for people who can volunteer an hour or two in February to collaborate with me on a creative portrait of their own imagining (yes theirs, not mine).  We will work to bring their idea to fruition. It doesn’t have to be refined: just an idea. It could be experimenting with exposure, light, poses, or composition. Maybe you want to use props, movement, costume, or something abstract. I love a challenge! I'm ready for whatever project you present - whether it be working through a new technical challenge, bringing life to a concept, or unpredictable challenges... you get the idea. Together, we will bring your idea to life.  

Preferably, I would like to work with volunteers with whom I haven’t had the pleasure of working with before; for those who have worked with me in previous projects and are interested in this one, you should still put your names in to volunteer, because I may be able to find a spot for you.  It’ll take some hustle and schedule juggling to fit 28 portraits in 28 days (squeezed in with the client work I already have booked), so I’ll need my volunteers to be flexible. Generally I am looking for adults, however I am willing to work with minors who can bring a solid idea and focus (with their parent’s permission and cooperation of course).  I’d like to stick to central Vermont locations.

Volunteers will get a digital copy of the final result which they can share and used for personal use. I’m aiming to make one high quality image per session, but I’ll share some of the extras too. I’ll share the images on my website and social media and perhaps even a gallery showing.

Additional Details: 

Just to reiterate the basics - I’m looking for 1-2 hours of your time. That is probably as much time as I’ll have available to fit everyone in. The concept is to create a portrait, but it can be far from a traditional portrait. If your goal is to tell a story, we can work together to figure out how we can do that in the constraints of a 'portrait'. I don't use photoshop, so your concept will largely need to be achieved entirely through my lens, so to speak. But don’t let that limit your creative juices! I’m hoping to stay within the Randolph area, but I don’t mind doing a little travel for a great idea. I also have a home studio set up with seamless background paper to work with, and many creative lighting options.

Your Idea:

Your idea does not need to be highly refined; we just need a good starting point. If you have specific ideas, lets hash them out together to see how we can make it work. The final product can be as simple or as complicated as you want (I’m also up for a good challenge!), as long as it fits within the constraints outlined above. 


Even though February is usually my slowest month, managing a schedule of 28 portraits will be a big challenge. I hope to fit all of the portraits in 15-20 days of the month (so I’ll take on more than one in a day when possible). I’ll need volunteers that can make weekdays work as well as weekends. To keep it simple I’ll take people on a first commit, first serve basis. Generally I can make 9-1:30 on a weekday work and then 5:30 on in the evening. Weekends I can probably make anytime work. Client work will take priority so if something comes up I may have to reschedule. Here are the days I tentatively have available. I’ll keep this updated as people reserve their time.


Feb. 1st (taken)

Feb. 2nd (taken)

Feb. 3rd (9-1:30 slot only)

Feb. 4th N/A

Feb. 5th N/A

Feb. 6th

Feb. 7th (morning taken, evening available)

Feb. 8th (morning taken, evening available)

Feb. 9th (morning available, evening taken)

Feb. 10th (taken)

Feb. 11th

Feb. 12th (taken)

Feb. 13th (taken)

Feb. 14th (taken)

Feb. 15th (morning taken, evening available)

Feb. 16th (taken)

Feb. 17th (taken)

Feb. 18th (taken)

Feb. 19th (taken)

Feb. 20th (taken)

Feb. 21st (taken)

Feb. 22nd (taken)

Feb. 23rd (morning available, evening taken)

Feb. 24th (taken)

Feb. 25th (taken)

Feb. 26th (taken)

Feb. 27th (taken)

Feb. 28th (taken)



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