2013 Portrait Project Description & Criteria          http://defloriophotography.com/portraitproject

This year I am working on a portrait project and I am looking for volunteers.  My goals with the project are to hone my skills, get more comfortable with the process, engage in the community, and to promote myself as a photographer.  For the volunteers part they will receive a password protected gallery with all the processed files on my website where they can download the files and order prints at cost.

My hope with the portrait sessions is for them to represent the individual so I go to your location with my camera and we go from there.  The clothing, setting, etc. are up to you.  I usually shoot a variety of shots from head shots to environmental portraits, but there is no agenda besides having some fun and getting some good pictures.  Are you interested in participating?  Here is the criteria to be one of my volunteers.

Volunteer Criteria:

  • The pictures will be primarily for your personal use and enjoyment - hang a print in your house, share it on facebook, give one to a friend or family member (that kind of thing).  This means that I won’t do corporate/business shots, group shots, whole family portraits (individuals from the same family is ok, I would like to keep it to just a few members for the diversity of the project though), engagements, seniors, modeling, or any other shots that are expressly for business purposes as part of this project. A good rule of thumb - if you're going to use the photos to make money I should also make money.  If you happen to use a picture for one of these uses, but not as a primary way of promoting yourself that’s fine, we’ll just do this on the honor system.  If you don’t meet the criteria, but would still like your picture taken I’m happy to do them at my professional rates:  http://defloriophotography.com/rates

  • You will allow me use of the images on my website and I will post a selection of images on Facebook in which you will be tagged, I additionally reserve the right to post images on other social media platforms.  I retain all-rights reserve copyright on the images.  If I wish to submit a photo for publication I will notify you and if you wish to submit a photo to a publication or use for advertising I should be notified for my consent (and possibly to arrange payment).

  • Who am I looking for?  People (hey that's you), from young to old and everywhere in-between.  I don’t want to specifically take pictures of pets, but if it can be integrated into the shots that’s great.

  • You have to be within, or meet me within, an hour drive of Randolph, Vermont

  • You’ll need to be able to devote about 2 hours to the session (less for kids, elderly, and those with any special needs).

  • It has to be done in the year 2013, the last day of the project is December 31st

  • Note: All images will receive basic image processing to my preferences (color correction, sharpening, contrast & exposure corrections), but no ones images will be retouched beyond simple blemish removal (if you've got a pimple - I'll remove it, if you have a mole - it'll stay).  Images will be delivered as a mix of color and black & white at my discretion.

I’m hoping to get 100 (reached this goal Oct. 27th) or more people to volunteer for the project so please contacted me through my website or message me on facebook if you’re interested.  I am scheduling on a first-come first-serve basis and I reserve the right to reschedule for a paying job.  Upcoming I have the following days available:

Scheduling: This Project Has Come To A Close, Thanks Y'All.

Contact Links: http://defloriophotography.com/contact.html or message me at https://www.facebook.com/defloriophotography